Garmin to Buy DeLorme

michiganYes, it’s being reported that the GPS giant is buying the historic state atlas publisher. Delorme has recently dived deeper into technology with it’s inReach product which communicates with satellites and is used as a backcountry SOS device similar to the Spot device. It’s that technology that interests Garmin the most. We only hope that they don’t shut down the printed mapping side of the biz.

Us Topozoners have been using DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteers since we started mountain biking in the Cascade Mountains back in the late 80’s. They have guided us on many adventures and we know they are still invaluable when cell phones and GPS devices don’t connect. Additionally, we feel that the small screens of these electronic devices just don’t compare to the detailed color topographic maps of these large format atlases.

Let’s hope Garmin does the right thing and continues to support the DeLorme publishing business.


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