Topographic Map Cliff Features in Alberta

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Feature Type Region NRCan Topo Map(s) Lat Long
Bears Hump Cliff Alberta 082H04 49.066ºN 113.916ºW
Brewster's Wall Cliff Alberta 083E07 53.471ºN 118.888ºW
Goat Cliffs Cliff Alberta 083E14 53.980ºN 119.073ºW
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Cliff Alberta 082H12 49.704ºN 113.652ºW
Old Women's Buffalo Jump Cliff Alberta 082I05 50.479ºN 113.893ºW
The Ramparts Cliff Alberta 083D09 52.695ºN 118.306ºW
Wall of Jericho Cliff Alberta 082N09 51.504ºN 116.101ºW
Weeping Wall Cliff Alberta 083C03,083C02 52.156ºN 117.007ºW
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