Topographic Map Civil Features in Baxter County, Arkansas

Browse by County - Baxter, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Baxter County Civil Baxter Mountain Home East 761 feet 36.333ºN 92.367ºW
Township of Bayou Civil Baxter Gamaliel 797 feet 36.467ºN 92.210ºW
Township of Big Flat Civil Baxter Norfork SE 1141 feet 36.033ºN 92.367ºW
Township of Buckhorn Civil Baxter Norfork 817 feet 36.249ºN 92.292ºW
Township of Buford Civil Baxter Buffalo City 731 feet 36.232ºN 92.414ºW
Township of Greenwood Civil Baxter Norfork SE 620 feet 36.117ºN 92.251ºW
Township of Grover Civil Baxter Bull Shoals 820 feet 36.379ºN 92.517ºW
Township of Independence Civil Baxter Mountain Home West 866 feet 36.353ºN 92.492ºW
Township of Logan Civil Baxter Midway 968 feet 36.446ºN 92.479ºW
Township of Lone Rock Civil Baxter Norfork 659 feet 36.150ºN 92.329ºW
Township of Matney Civil Baxter Buffalo City 761 feet 36.154ºN 92.378ºW
Township of Mill Civil Baxter Gamaliel 620 feet 36.389ºN 92.211ºW
Township of Mountain Home Civil Baxter Mountain Home East 764 feet 36.333ºN 92.372ºW
Township of North Fork Civil Baxter Norfork Dam South 643 feet 36.213ºN 92.217ºW
Township of Pigeon Civil Baxter Clarkridge 774 feet 36.450ºN 92.350ºW
Township of Union Civil Baxter Norfork Dam North 548 feet 36.304ºN 92.246ºW
Township of Whiteville Civil Baxter Mountain Home West 735 feet 36.292ºN 92.483ºW
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