Topographic Map Civil Features in Pope County, Arkansas

Browse by County - Pope, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Pope County Civil Pope Dover 502 feet 35.450ºN 93.050ºW
Township of Allen (historical) Civil Pope Treat 1191 feet 35.586ºN 93.139ºW
Township of Bayliss Civil Pope Lee Mountain 640 feet 35.403ºN 93.235ºW
Township of Burnett Civil Pope Moreland 302 feet 35.320ºN 92.876ºW
Township of Center Civil Pope Hector 617 feet 35.406ºN 92.954ºW
Township of Clark Civil Pope Russellville West 367 feet 35.329ºN 93.246ºW
Township of Convenience Civil Pope Moreland 699 feet 35.333ºN 92.942ºW
Township of Dover Civil Pope Dover 410 feet 35.392ºN 93.117ºW
Township of Freeman Civil Pope Sand Gap 1220 feet 35.653ºN 93.079ºW
Township of Galla Civil Pope Holla Bend 348 feet 35.221ºN 93.046ºW
Township of Galla Creek (historical) Civil Pope Russellville East 367 feet 35.250ºN 93.047ºW
Township of Griffin Civil Pope Hector 512 feet 35.425ºN 92.877ºW
Township of Gum Log Civil Pope Moreland 768 feet 35.275ºN 92.997ºW
Township of Hill (historical) Civil Pope Lost Corner 1151 feet 35.579ºN 92.845ºW
Township of Hogan (historical) Civil Pope Simpson 689 feet 35.533ºN 93.049ºW
Township of Holla Bend (historical) Civil Pope Holla Bend 335 feet 35.192ºN 93.079ºW
Township of Illinois Civil Pope Russellville West 354 feet 35.283ºN 93.129ºW
Township of Independence (historical) Civil Pope Solo 1276 feet 35.613ºN 92.903ºW
Township of Jackson Civil Pope Hector 653 feet 35.489ºN 92.950ºW
Township of Lee (historical) Civil Pope Atkins 308 feet 35.203ºN 92.900ºW
Township of Liberty Civil Pope Dover 827 feet 35.495ºN 93.054ºW
Township of Martin Civil Pope Lee Mountain 525 feet 35.479ºN 93.168ºW
Township of Moreland Civil Pope Moreland 731 feet 35.358ºN 92.996ºW
Township of North Fork (historical) Civil Pope Simpson 764 feet 35.600ºN 93.004ºW
Township of Phoenix Civil Pope Dover 1086 feet 35.408ºN 93.009ºW
Township of Sand Spring (historical) Civil Pope Knoxville 833 feet 35.451ºN 93.257ºW
Township of Smyrna Civil Pope Smyrna 1607 feet 35.636ºN 92.896ºW
Township of Sulphur (historical) Civil Pope Smyrna 1279 feet 35.675ºN 92.997ºW
Township of Valley Civil Pope Russellville East 443 feet 35.335ºN 93.046ºW
Township of Wilson Civil Pope Atkins 338 feet 35.225ºN 92.917ºW
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