Topographic Map Mine Features in Inyo County, California

Browse by County - Inyo, Feature Type - Mine

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Hanging Valley Mine Mine Inyo Mount Tom 11959 feet 37.328ºN 118.677ºW
Harlis and Broady Mine Mine Inyo Joshua Flats 5806 feet 37.226ºN 117.938ºW
Hawkeye Prospect Mine Inyo Bee Springs Canyon 7518 feet 36.866ºN 118.053ºW
Hemlock Mine Mine Inyo Panamint 7705 feet 36.103ºN 117.098ºW
Hidden Valley Numbers 1-6 Prospects Mine Inyo Mazourka Peak 7741 feet 36.881ºN 118.063ºW
Hilltop Mine Mine Inyo Bishop 4982 feet 37.354ºN 118.493ºW
Hilltop Prospect Mine Inyo Tungsten Hills 10227 feet 37.255ºN 118.502ºW
Holiday Mine Mine Inyo Cerro Gordo Peak 6711 feet 36.567ºN 117.784ºW
Hudson River Mine Mine Inyo Panamint 8210 feet 36.096ºN 117.110ºW
Ibex Mine Mine Inyo Ibex Spring 1702 feet 35.809ºN 116.455ºW
Ignacio Mine Mine Inyo Cerro Gordo Peak 7944 feet 36.533ºN 117.802ºW
Independence Claims Mine Inyo Waucoba Canyon 6196 feet 36.924ºN 117.981ºW
Inyo King Prospect Mine Inyo Waucoba Canyon 5970 feet 36.922ºN 117.976ºW
Inyo Mine Mine Inyo Echo Canyon 4070 feet 36.497ºN 116.701ºW
Inyo Queen Number 1 Mine Mine Inyo Waucoba Canyon 5737 feet 36.920ºN 117.972ºW
Inyo Queen Number 2 Mine Mine Inyo Waucoba Canyon 4497 feet 36.917ºN 117.942ºW
Iron Nugget Placer Mine Mine Inyo Waucoba Spring 6239 feet 37.089ºN 117.986ºW
Iron Side Prospect Mine Inyo Waucoba Mountain 7852 feet 37.065ºN 118.062ºW
Iron Wedge Prospect Mine Inyo Blackrock 5756 feet 36.963ºN 118.158ºW
J R Number 2 Prospect Mine Inyo Tinemaha Reservoir 7449 feet 37.099ºN 118.168ºW
Jack Black Mine Mine Inyo Blackrock 4103 feet 36.937ºN 118.179ºW
Jack Henry Mine Mine Inyo Haiwee Reservoirs 4936 feet 36.158ºN 117.882ºW
Jackrabbit Mine Mine Inyo Tungsten Hills 5232 feet 37.355ºN 118.528ºW
Jackrabbit Prospect Mine Inyo Independence 5038 feet 36.874ºN 118.127ºW
Jamieson Pit Mine Inyo Poleta Canyon 4343 feet 37.258ºN 118.267ºW
January Jones Mine Mine Inyo Copper Queen Canyon 2460 feet 35.837ºN 117.208ºW
Jean Apex Prospect Mine Inyo Waucoba Spring 7232 feet 37.053ºN 117.988ºW
Joe Diaz Prospect Mine Inyo Mazourka Peak 7626 feet 36.877ºN 118.066ºW
Johnnie Number 7 Prospect Mine Inyo Blackrock 6104 feet 36.972ºN 118.155ºW
Josephine Mine Mine Inyo Coso Peak 5766 feet 36.180ºN 117.637ºW
Julia R Numbers 1-3 Prospects Mine Inyo Mazourka Peak 6317 feet 36.894ºN 118.077ºW
Kaweah Prospect Mine Inyo Tinemaha Reservoir 7019 feet 37.120ºN 118.152ºW
Keane Wonder Mill Mine Inyo Chloride City 1532 feet 36.670ºN 116.909ºW
Keane Wonder Mine Mine Inyo Chloride City 2726 feet 36.682ºN 116.900ºW
Kearsarge Group Mine Inyo Kearsarge Peak 9069 feet 36.781ºN 118.323ºW
Keeler Mine Mine Inyo Harris Hill 5294 feet 36.624ºN 117.487ºW
Kerdell Prospect Mine Inyo Panamint Butte 5868 feet 36.447ºN 117.302ºW
Kern Borate Mine Mine Inyo Ryan 2430 feet 36.340ºN 116.703ºW
KIFS Prospect Mine Inyo Waucoba Spring 7203 feet 37.073ºN 117.997ºW
Kopper King Mine Mine Inyo Maturango Peak 4231 feet 36.052ºN 117.419ºW
Lakeview Mine Mine Inyo Mount Tom 10650 feet 37.332ºN 118.689ºW
Lambert Mine Mine Inyo Mount Tom 10893 feet 37.356ºN 118.650ºW
Lee Mines Mine Inyo Lee Wash 5402 feet 36.444ºN 117.612ºW
Lemoigne Mine Mine Inyo Panamint Butte 5038 feet 36.471ºN 117.316ºW
Lila C Mine Mine Inyo West of Eagle Mountain 2654 feet 36.241ºN 116.498ºW
Lindner Prospect Mine Inyo Mount Thompson 10844 feet 37.201ºN 118.550ºW
Lippincott Mine Mine Inyo Ubehebe Peak 3929 feet 36.633ºN 117.580ºW
Little Egypt Prospect Mine Inyo Tungsten Hills 9771 feet 37.268ºN 118.510ºW
Little Jim Prospect Mine Inyo Panamint Springs 5796 feet 36.251ºN 117.486ºW
Little Joker Prospect Mine Inyo Blackrock 5241 feet 36.986ºN 118.177ºW
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