Topographic Map Locale Features in Napa County, California

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Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Eshcol Winery Locale Napa Napa 69 feet 38.362ºN 122.314ºW
Evensen Vineyard Locale Napa Rutherford 151 feet 38.437ºN 122.401ºW
Far Niente Winery Locale Napa Rutherford 154 feet 38.433ºN 122.401ºW
Forman Winery Locale Napa Rutherford 279 feet 38.496ºN 122.477ºW
Four Corners Locale Napa Saint Helena 1381 feet 38.553ºN 122.456ºW
Franciscan Vineyards Locale Napa Rutherford 164 feet 38.476ºN 122.427ºW
Freemark Abbey Winery Locale Napa Saint Helena 298 feet 38.525ºN 122.497ºW
Frogs Leap Winery Locale Napa Calistoga 292 feet 38.544ºN 122.502ºW
Girard Winery Locale Napa Yountville 180 feet 38.458ºN 122.368ºW
Green and Red Vineyard Locale Napa Chiles Valley 879 feet 38.530ºN 122.339ºW
Gunn Ranch Locale Napa Lake Berryessa 495 feet 38.562ºN 122.191ºW
Hanns Kornell Champagne Cellars Locale Napa Calistoga 292 feet 38.559ºN 122.522ºW
Harris Ranch Locale Napa Brooks 469 feet 38.662ºN 122.249ºW
Heitz Wine Cellars Locale Napa Saint Helena 377 feet 38.502ºN 122.418ºW
Hopper Creek Winery Locale Napa Yountville 69 feet 38.382ºN 122.339ºW
Inglenook Vineyards Locale Napa Rutherford 197 feet 38.455ºN 122.433ºW
Johnson Turnbull Vineyards Locale Napa Rutherford 144 feet 38.450ºN 122.410ºW
Joseph Phelps Vineyards Locale Napa Saint Helena 292 feet 38.507ºN 122.429ºW
Juarez Old Adobe Locale Napa Napa 26 feet 38.288ºN 122.274ºW
L Pocai and Sons Winery Locale Napa Calistoga 302 feet 38.562ºN 122.539ºW
Lachman Club Locale Napa Cuttings Wharf 3 feet 38.166ºN 122.350ºW
Lake Berryessa Park Headquarters Locale Napa Lake Berryessa 502 feet 38.551ºN 122.232ºW
Lakespring Winery Locale Napa Yountville 82 feet 38.385ºN 122.354ºW
Lisbon Winery Locale Napa Napa 26 feet 38.304ºN 122.290ºW
Louis Martini Vineyards Locale Napa Rutherford 226 feet 38.497ºN 122.457ºW
Markham Winery Locale Napa Saint Helena 239 feet 38.519ºN 122.489ºW
Mayacamas Vineyards Locale Napa Sonoma 1528 feet 38.371ºN 122.416ºW
McCormick Ranch Locale Napa Kenwood 1755 feet 38.494ºN 122.539ºW
Meadowood Golf Club Locale Napa Saint Helena 295 feet 38.524ºN 122.469ºW
Meeks Ranch (historical) Locale Napa Lake Berryessa 443 feet 38.544ºN 122.212ºW
Merritt B Pratt Pool Locale Napa Saint Helena 1246 feet 38.560ºN 122.406ºW
Mont Saint John Cellars Locale Napa Napa 115 feet 38.253ºN 122.330ºW
Monticello Vineyards Locale Napa Napa 92 feet 38.354ºN 122.320ºW
Mount Saint Helena Golf Course Locale Napa Calistoga 367 feet 38.586ºN 122.590ºW
Mount Veeder Winery Locale Napa Sonoma 987 feet 38.359ºN 122.402ºW
Munson Ranch Locale Napa Capell Valley 945 feet 38.407ºN 122.205ºW
Napa Convenience Center Shopping Center Locale Napa Napa 49 feet 38.319ºN 122.299ºW
Napa Creek Winery Locale Napa Saint Helena 203 feet 38.505ºN 122.440ºW
Napa Municipal Golf Course Locale Napa Napa 7 feet 38.266ºN 122.276ºW
Napa Retail Center Shopping Center Locale Napa Napa 20 feet 38.309ºN 122.283ºW
Napa State Farm Locale Napa Yountville 138 feet 38.439ºN 122.364ºW
Napa Town Center Shopping Center Locale Napa Napa 49 feet 38.299ºN 122.301ºW
Napa Valley Business Park Locale Napa Cuttings Wharf 66 feet 38.229ºN 122.256ºW
Napa Valley Country Club Locale Napa Mount George 213 feet 38.318ºN 122.241ºW
Napa Valley Shopping Center Locale Napa Napa 49 feet 38.297ºN 122.304ºW
Napa Wine Cellars Locale Napa Rutherford 184 feet 38.414ºN 122.387ºW
Newlan Vineyard and Winery Locale Napa Napa 112 feet 38.359ºN 122.337ºW
Newton Observatory Locale Napa Saint Helena 1827 feet 38.572ºN 122.434ºW
Nichelini Winery Locale Napa Chiles Valley 889 feet 38.508ºN 122.294ºW
Niebaum Coppola Estate Locale Napa Rutherford 239 feet 38.450ºN 122.438ºW
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