Topographic Map Building Features in Nevada County, California

Browse by County - Nevada, Feature Type - Building

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
American Victorian Museum Building Nevada Nevada City 2503 feet 39.262ºN 121.020ºW
Bicentennial Museum Building Nevada Nevada City 2476 feet 39.263ºN 121.017ºW
Breen Cabin (historical) Building Nevada Truckee 5937 feet 39.324ºN 120.230ºW
Brighton House (historical) Building Nevada Grass Valley 2447 feet 39.208ºN 121.074ºW
Emigrant Trail Museum Building Nevada Truckee 5934 feet 39.324ºN 120.232ºW
Firehouse Number 1 Museum Building Nevada Nevada City 2493 feet 39.263ºN 121.018ºW
Firehouse Number 2 Building Nevada Nevada City 2549 feet 39.263ºN 121.021ºW
Grass Valley Branch Nevada County Library Building Nevada Grass Valley 2414 feet 39.217ºN 121.063ºW
Grass Valley City Hall Building Nevada Grass Valley 2411 feet 39.219ºN 121.061ºW
Graves Cabin Building Nevada Truckee 5917 feet 39.324ºN 120.222ºW
Nevada City City Hall Building Nevada Nevada City 2512 feet 39.262ºN 121.020ºW
Nevada County Courthouse Building Nevada Nevada City 2519 feet 39.264ºN 121.018ºW
Nevada County Law Library Building Nevada Nevada City 2522 feet 39.264ºN 121.018ºW
Nevada Theatre Building Nevada Nevada City 2545 feet 39.263ºN 121.021ºW
North Star Museum Building Nevada Grass Valley 2339 feet 39.208ºN 121.070ºW
Peter Grubb Hut Building Nevada Norden 7823 feet 39.368ºN 120.367ºW
Red Castle Building Nevada Nevada City 2558 feet 39.261ºN 121.016ºW
Rough and Ready Grange Hall Building Nevada Rough And Ready 1906 feet 39.230ºN 121.139ºW
Searls Historical Library Building Nevada Nevada City 2499 feet 39.263ºN 121.019ºW
Stewart Mansion Building Nevada Nevada City 2539 feet 39.259ºN 121.023ºW
Truckee Branch Nevada County Public Library Building Nevada Truckee 5920 feet 39.325ºN 120.200ºW
Veterans Memorial Building Building Nevada Grass Valley 2401 feet 39.214ºN 121.061ºW
Woolsey Cabin (historical) Building Nevada Alleghany 3398 feet 39.446ºN 120.779ºW
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