Topographic Map Locale Features in Idaho County, Idaho

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Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
A Manes Locale Idaho Grangeville East 3185 feet 45.915ºN 116.055ºW
Aitken Locale Idaho Riggins 1961 feet 45.408ºN 116.326ºW
Allison Creek Campground Locale Idaho Riggins Hot Springs 1853 feet 45.419ºN 116.163ºW
Allison Creek Picnic Area Locale Idaho Riggins Hot Springs 1847 feet 45.420ºN 116.162ºW
Allison Ranch Locale Idaho Hida Point 2670 feet 45.566ºN 115.223ºW
Apgar Campground Locale Idaho Lowell 1578 feet 46.214ºN 115.537ºW
Arctic Point Lookout Locale Idaho Arctic Point 7482 feet 45.474ºN 115.040ºW
Arrow Campsite Locale Idaho Stripe Mountain 7600 feet 45.593ºN 114.818ºW
Asbestos Point Locale Idaho Hungry Ridge 2575 feet 45.818ºN 115.941ºW
Atlas Mill Locale Idaho Buffalo Hump 7288 feet 45.595ºN 115.686ºW
Austin Ridge Lookout Locale Idaho Musselshell 4726 feet 46.351ºN 115.671ºW
Badley Ranch Locale Idaho Burgdorf Summit 2312 feet 45.358ºN 115.521ºW
Bargamin Bar Campsite Locale Idaho Hida Point 2568 feet 45.566ºN 115.194ºW
Barton Cabin Locale Idaho Hungry Ridge 3710 feet 45.782ºN 115.882ºW
Base Camp Campground Locale Idaho Stripe Mountain 7718 feet 45.623ºN 114.845ºW
Beal Cabin Locale Idaho Meadow of Doubt 5514 feet 45.386ºN 115.178ºW
Bear Creek Campground Locale Idaho Center Star Mountain 3906 feet 45.864ºN 115.617ºW
Bear Packer Camp Locale Idaho Selway Falls 1811 feet 46.044ºN 115.252ºW
Bears Oil and Roots Camp Locale Idaho Indian Postoffice 6294 feet 46.575ºN 114.910ºW
Beartrap Ranch Locale Idaho Elk City 4185 feet 45.871ºN 115.488ºW
Beaver Ridge Lookout Locale Idaho Ranger Peak 7364 feet 46.563ºN 114.442ºW
Belle Creek Campground Locale Idaho Hemlock Butte 4458 feet 46.450ºN 115.639ºW
Bemis Ranch Locale Idaho Cottontail Point 2152 feet 45.433ºN 115.670ºW
Bentz Brothers Locale Idaho White Bird 2050 feet 45.792ºN 116.269ºW
Bentz Cow Camp Locale Idaho Sawyer Ridge 6780 feet 45.646ºN 115.972ºW
Bicardi Place Locale Idaho Kessler Creek 3575 feet 45.453ºN 116.392ºW
Big Mallard Creek Campground Locale Idaho Whitewater Ranch 2447 feet 45.537ºN 115.271ºW
Black Butte Lookout Locale Idaho Johnson Butte 6721 feet 45.489ºN 115.875ºW
Blakely Locale Idaho Grangeville East 3224 feet 45.956ºN 116.115ºW
Blue Ridge Cabin Locale Idaho Fivemile Bar 5464 feet 45.498ºN 115.406ºW
Bob Sewell Locale Idaho Lucile 2266 feet 45.525ºN 116.320ºW
Boodry Place Locale Idaho Kessler Creek 3811 feet 45.378ºN 116.406ºW
Boundary Campground Locale Idaho Grangeville East 1998 feet 45.889ºN 116.035ºW
Boyd Creek Campground Locale Idaho Stillman Point 1604 feet 46.081ºN 115.443ºW
Bridge Creek Campground Locale Idaho Sable Hill 5012 feet 45.783ºN 115.213ºW
Brown Locale Idaho Slate Creek 1978 feet 45.717ºN 116.296ºW
Bruin Creek Campground Locale Idaho Sheep Hill 2627 feet 45.517ºN 115.073ºW
Bungalow Cow Camp Locale Idaho Florence 5071 feet 45.529ºN 116.088ºW
Burgdorf Campground Locale Idaho Burgdorf 6186 feet 45.275ºN 115.908ºW
Burgdorf Guard Station Locale Idaho Burgdorf 6091 feet 45.269ºN 115.913ºW
Button Beach Access Area Locale Idaho Kooskia 1486 feet 46.163ºN 115.988ºW
Cache Mountain Camp Locale Idaho Weitas Butte 4723 feet 46.380ºN 115.408ºW
California Creek Bar Campground Locale Idaho Johnson Butte 2043 feet 45.450ºN 115.761ºW
Calvin Locale Idaho Kirkwood Creek 4769 feet 45.549ºN 116.402ºW
Calvin Ranch Locale Idaho Kirkwood Creek 4838 feet 45.550ºN 116.401ºW
Camp Howard Cow Camp Locale Idaho Grave Point 5665 feet 45.728ºN 116.408ºW
Camp Martin Locale Idaho Snowy Summit 5133 feet 46.442ºN 115.605ºW
Camp Moosehorn Locale Idaho Boundary Peak 4651 feet 46.302ºN 115.619ºW
Camp Thomas Locale Idaho Rattlesnake Ridge 4884 feet 45.905ºN 116.655ºW
Campbells Ferry Locale Idaho Sheepeater Mountain 2496 feet 45.489ºN 115.332ºW
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