Topographic Map Civil Features in Christian County, Illinois

Browse by County - Christian, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Christian County Civil Christian Taylorville 613 feet 39.550ºN 89.283ºW
Township of Assumption Civil Christian Assumption 636 feet 39.516ºN 89.079ºW
Township of Bear Creek Civil Christian Morrisonville 604 feet 39.478ºN 89.416ºW
Township of Buckhart Civil Christian Grove City 604 feet 39.662ºN 89.336ºW
Township of Greenwood Civil Christian Clarksdale 630 feet 39.400ºN 89.305ºW
Township of Johnson Civil Christian Clarksdale 620 feet 39.484ºN 89.314ºW
Township of King Civil Christian Raymond NE 633 feet 39.444ºN 89.504ºW
Township of Locust Civil Christian Owaneco 620 feet 39.481ºN 89.194ºW
Township of May Civil Christian Willeys 607 feet 39.565ºN 89.193ºW
Township of Mosquito Civil Christian Niantic 594 feet 39.756ºN 89.196ºW
Township of Mount Auburn Civil Christian Grove City 594 feet 39.731ºN 89.328ºW
Township of Pana Civil Christian Pana 672 feet 39.405ºN 89.080ºW
Township of Prairieton Civil Christian Assumption 594 feet 39.612ºN 89.084ºW
Township of Ricks Civil Christian Morrisonville 623 feet 39.389ºN 89.425ºW
Township of Rosamond Civil Christian Owaneco 689 feet 39.390ºN 89.186ºW
Township of South Fork Civil Christian Kincaid 597 feet 39.587ºN 89.456ºW
Township of Stonington Civil Christian Stonington 610 feet 39.657ºN 89.202ºW
Township of Taylorville Civil Christian Taylorville 604 feet 39.568ºN 89.318ºW
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