Topographic Map Civil Features in Douglas County, Illinois

Browse by County - Douglas, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Douglas County Civil Douglas Villa Grove 646 feet 39.767ºN 88.217ºW
Township of Arcola Civil Douglas Arcola 653 feet 39.706ºN 88.288ºW
Township of Bourbon Civil Douglas Arthur 666 feet 39.703ºN 88.414ºW
Township of Bowdre Civil Douglas Hindsboro 636 feet 39.713ºN 88.149ºW
Township of Camargo Civil Douglas Villa Grove 656 feet 39.825ºN 88.167ºW
Township of Garrett Civil Douglas Atwood 672 feet 39.821ºN 88.399ºW
Township of Murdock Civil Douglas Murdock 669 feet 39.820ºN 88.081ºW
Township of Newman Civil Douglas Newman 643 feet 39.829ºN 87.989ºW
Township of Sargent Civil Douglas Oakland 659 feet 39.726ºN 88.038ºW
Township of Tuscola Civil Douglas Tuscola 659 feet 39.817ºN 88.286ºW
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