Topographic Map Civil Features in Grundy County, Illinois

Browse by County - Grundy, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Grundy County Civil Grundy Morris 567 feet 41.283ºN 88.417ºW
Township of Aux Sable Civil Grundy Minooka 551 feet 41.423ºN 88.311ºW
Township of Braceville Civil Grundy Gardner 571 feet 41.245ºN 88.276ºW
Township of Erienna Civil Grundy Seneca 522 feet 41.349ºN 88.527ºW
Township of Felix Civil Grundy Coal City 544 feet 41.311ºN 88.278ºW
Township of Garfield Civil Grundy Gardner 594 feet 41.163ºN 88.330ºW
Township of Goodfarm Civil Grundy Mazon 610 feet 41.153ºN 88.414ºW
Township of Goose Lake Civil Grundy Coal City 515 feet 41.355ºN 88.311ºW
Township of Greenfield Civil Grundy Gardner 587 feet 41.159ºN 88.274ºW
Township of Highland Civil Grundy Kinsman 643 feet 41.154ºN 88.535ºW
Township of Maine Civil Grundy Gardner 558 feet 41.244ºN 88.332ºW
Township of Mazon Civil Grundy Mazon 584 feet 41.241ºN 88.418ºW
Township of Morris Civil Grundy Morris 518 feet 41.364ºN 88.407ºW
Township of Nettle Creek Civil Grundy Stavanger 610 feet 41.411ºN 88.548ºW
Township of Norman Civil Grundy Seneca 613 feet 41.301ºN 88.525ºW
Township of Saratoga Civil Grundy Lisbon 554 feet 41.410ºN 88.421ºW
Township of Vienna Civil Grundy Kinsman 640 feet 41.245ºN 88.532ºW
Township of Wauponsee Civil Grundy Morris 551 feet 41.321ºN 88.419ºW
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