Topographic Map Civil Features in Jackson County, Illinois

Browse by County - Jackson, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Jackson County Civil Jackson Murphysboro 413 feet 37.767ºN 89.350ºW
Township of Bradley Civil Jackson Willisville 613 feet 37.911ºN 89.544ºW
Township of Carbondale Civil Jackson Carbondale 400 feet 37.730ºN 89.210ºW
Township of De Soto Civil Jackson De Soto 390 feet 37.819ºN 89.214ºW
Township of Degognia Civil Jackson Rockwood 361 feet 37.814ºN 89.638ºW
Township of Elk Civil Jackson Elkville 367 feet 37.903ºN 89.205ºW
Township of Fountain Bluff Civil Jackson Altenburg 361 feet 37.745ºN 89.536ºW
Township of Grand Tower Civil Jackson Gorham 361 feet 37.637ºN 89.473ºW
Township of Kinkaid Civil Jackson Raddle 594 feet 37.824ºN 89.547ºW
Township of Levan Civil Jackson Oraville 600 feet 37.818ºN 89.431ºW
Township of Makanda Civil Jackson Carbondale 420 feet 37.633ºN 89.214ºW
Township of Murphysboro Civil Jackson Pomona 508 feet 37.737ºN 89.326ºW
Township of Ora Civil Jackson Ava 453 feet 37.911ºN 89.425ºW
Township of Pomona Civil Jackson Pomona 505 feet 37.642ºN 89.348ºW
Township of Sand Ridge Civil Jackson Gorham 358 feet 37.739ºN 89.438ºW
Township of Somerset Civil Jackson Murphysboro 407 feet 37.810ºN 89.323ºW
Township of Vergennes Civil Jackson Vergennes 410 feet 37.906ºN 89.318ºW
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