Topographic Map Civil Features in Lawrence County, Illinois

Browse by County - Lawrence, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Lawrence County Civil Lawrence Lawrenceville 426 feet 38.700ºN 87.717ºW
Township of Allison Civil Lawrence Vincennes 403 feet 38.717ºN 87.582ºW
Township of Bond Civil Lawrence Birds 476 feet 38.816ºN 87.696ºW
Township of Bridgeport Civil Lawrence Sumner 456 feet 38.701ºN 87.780ºW
Township of Christy Civil Lawrence Sumner 469 feet 38.699ºN 87.860ºW
Township of Denison Civil Lawrence Lawrenceville 492 feet 38.629ºN 87.694ºW
Township of Lawrence Civil Lawrence Lawrenceville 449 feet 38.732ºN 87.695ºW
Township of Lukin Civil Lawrence Lancaster 466 feet 38.616ºN 87.826ºW
Township of Petty Civil Lawrence Chauncey 469 feet 38.792ºN 87.833ºW
Township of Russell Civil Lawrence Russellville 420 feet 38.806ºN 87.572ºW
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