Topographic Map Civil Features in McHenry County, Illinois

Browse by County - McHenry, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
McHenry County Civil McHenry Woodstock 886 feet 42.333ºN 88.467ºW
Township of Alden Civil McHenry Harvard 991 feet 42.448ºN 88.531ºW
Township of Algonquin Civil McHenry Crystal Lake 902 feet 42.197ºN 88.278ºW
Township of Burton Civil McHenry Fox Lake 846 feet 42.458ºN 88.220ºW
Township of Chemung Civil McHenry Capron 895 feet 42.454ºN 88.654ºW
Township of Coral Civil McHenry Marengo South 899 feet 42.198ºN 88.536ºW
Township of Dorr Civil McHenry Woodstock 925 feet 42.285ºN 88.417ºW
Township of Dunham Civil McHenry Garden Prairie 866 feet 42.366ºN 88.652ºW
Township of Grafton Civil McHenry Huntley 872 feet 42.192ºN 88.413ºW
Township of Greenwood Civil McHenry Woodstock 899 feet 42.366ºN 88.421ºW
Township of Hartland Civil McHenry Marengo North 892 feet 42.373ºN 88.533ºW
Township of Hebron Civil McHenry Hebron 902 feet 42.449ºN 88.423ºW
Township of Marengo Civil McHenry Garden Prairie 850 feet 42.290ºN 88.641ºW
Township of McHenry Civil McHenry McHenry 774 feet 42.375ºN 88.277ºW
Township of Nunda Civil McHenry McHenry 817 feet 42.284ºN 88.278ºW
Township of Richmond Civil McHenry Richmond 800 feet 42.452ºN 88.298ºW
Township of Riley Civil McHenry Riley 807 feet 42.192ºN 88.647ºW
Township of Seneca Civil McHenry Marengo North 833 feet 42.279ºN 88.527ºW
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