Topographic Map Civil Features in Harrison County, Indiana

Browse by County - Harrison, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Harrison County Civil Harrison Corydon East 587 feet 38.212ºN 86.122ºW
Township of Blue River Civil Harrison Fredericksburg 748 feet 38.378ºN 86.214ºW
Township of Boone Civil Harrison Laconia 672 feet 38.049ºN 86.074ºW
Township of Franklin Civil Harrison Corydon East 830 feet 38.240ºN 86.006ºW
Township of Harrison Civil Harrison Corydon West 699 feet 38.184ºN 86.176ºW
Township of Heth Civil Harrison Mauckport 633 feet 38.061ºN 86.182ºW
Township of Jackson Civil Harrison Crandall 722 feet 38.299ºN 86.093ºW
Township of Morgan Civil Harrison Crandall 817 feet 38.370ºN 86.087ºW
Township of Posey Civil Harrison Lanesville 781 feet 38.132ºN 85.956ºW
Township of Spencer Civil Harrison Depauw 800 feet 38.288ºN 86.230ºW
Township of Taylor Civil Harrison Kosmosdale 823 feet 38.054ºN 85.960ºW
Township of Washington Civil Harrison Mauckport 649 feet 38.110ºN 86.241ºW
Township of Webster Civil Harrison Corydon East 669 feet 38.143ºN 86.055ºW
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