Topographic Map Civil Features in Noble County, Indiana

Browse by County - Noble, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Noble County Civil Noble Albion 954 feet 41.396ºN 85.424ºW
Township of Albion Civil Noble Albion 958 feet 41.396ºN 85.425ºW
Township of Allen Civil Noble Corunna 977 feet 41.392ºN 85.247ºW
Township of Elkhart Civil Noble Albion 892 feet 41.481ºN 85.479ºW
Township of Green Civil Noble Merriam 987 feet 41.315ºN 85.375ºW
Township of Jefferson Civil Noble Kendallville 938 feet 41.399ºN 85.361ºW
Township of Noble Civil Noble Merriam 899 feet 41.313ºN 85.478ºW
Township of Orange Civil Noble Kendallville 941 feet 41.482ºN 85.362ºW
Township of Perry Civil Noble Ligonier 932 feet 41.484ºN 85.596ºW
Township of Sparta Civil Noble Ligonier 928 feet 41.396ºN 85.593ºW
Township of Swan Civil Noble Garrett 886 feet 41.305ºN 85.247ºW
Township of Washington Civil Noble Ormas 932 feet 41.324ºN 85.591ºW
Township of Wayne Civil Noble Kendallville 977 feet 41.480ºN 85.256ºW
Township of York Civil Noble Albion 892 feet 41.401ºN 85.481ºW
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