Topographic Map Civil Features in Switzerland County, Indiana

Browse by County - Switzerland, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Switzerland County Civil Switzerland Vevay North 886 feet 38.836ºN 85.031ºW
Township of Cotton Civil Switzerland Vevay North 882 feet 38.871ºN 85.016ºW
Township of Craig Civil Switzerland Carrollton 574 feet 38.747ºN 85.148ºW
Township of Jefferson Civil Switzerland Vevay North 718 feet 38.796ºN 85.052ºW
Township of Pleasant Civil Switzerland Bennington 869 feet 38.859ºN 85.153ºW
Township of Posey Civil Switzerland Patriot 790 feet 38.855ºN 84.871ºW
Township of York Civil Switzerland Florence 482 feet 38.813ºN 84.938ºW
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