Topographic Map Civil Features in Wabash County, Indiana

Browse by County - Wabash, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Township of Chester Civil Wabash Servia 807 feet 40.970ºN 85.729ºW
Township of Lagro Civil Wabash Lagro 669 feet 40.831ºN 85.708ºW
Township of Liberty Civil Wabash La Fontaine 869 feet 40.696ºN 85.717ºW
Township of Noble Civil Wabash Wabash 705 feet 40.798ºN 85.852ºW
Township of Paw Paw Civil Wabash North Manchester South 771 feet 40.899ºN 85.864ºW
Township of Pleasant Civil Wabash North Manchester South 800 feet 40.995ºN 85.863ºW
Township of Waltz Civil Wabash Somerset 800 feet 40.694ºN 85.856ºW
Wabash County Civil Wabash Wabash 807 feet 40.854ºN 85.792ºW
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