Topographic Map Civil Features in Warrick County, Indiana

Browse by County - Warrick, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Township of Anderson Civil Warrick Yankeetown 426 feet 37.933ºN 87.303ºW
Township of Boon Civil Warrick Boonville 423 feet 38.040ºN 87.277ºW
Township of Campbell Civil Warrick Daylight 413 feet 38.092ºN 87.418ºW
Township of Greer Civil Warrick Elberfeld 394 feet 38.173ºN 87.413ºW
Township of Hart Civil Warrick Lynnville 440 feet 38.173ºN 87.297ºW
Township of Lane Civil Warrick Folsomville 449 feet 38.205ºN 87.182ºW
Township of Ohio Civil Warrick Newburgh 430 feet 37.993ºN 87.392ºW
Township of Owen Civil Warrick Folsomville 485 feet 38.152ºN 87.188ºW
Township of Pigeon Civil Warrick Holland 410 feet 38.167ºN 87.081ºW
Township of Skelton Civil Warrick De Gonia Springs 423 feet 38.078ºN 87.152ºW
Warrick County Civil Warrick Boonville 423 feet 38.049ºN 87.274ºW
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