Topographic Map Civil Features in Franklin County, Iowa

Browse by County - Franklin, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Hampton Civil Franklin Hampton South 1112 feet 42.745ºN 93.201ºW
City of Sheffield Civil Franklin Sheffield 1076 feet 42.894ºN 93.211ºW
Franklin County Civil Franklin Coulter 1240 feet 42.733ºN 93.267ºW
Township of Geneva Civil Franklin Ackley NE 1112 feet 42.683ºN 93.082ºW
Township of Grant Civil Franklin Iowa Falls East 1187 feet 42.601ºN 93.202ºW
Township of Hamilton Civil Franklin Coulter 1214 feet 42.683ºN 93.329ºW
Township of Ingham Civil Franklin Hansell 1056 feet 42.779ºN 93.082ºW
Township of Lee Civil Franklin Iowa Falls West 1194 feet 42.594ºN 93.321ºW
Township of Marion Civil Franklin Latimer 1260 feet 42.774ºN 93.318ºW
Township of Morgan Civil Franklin Dows East 1204 feet 42.690ºN 93.442ºW
Township of Mott Civil Franklin Hampton North 1089 feet 42.776ºN 93.199ºW
Township of Oakland Civil Franklin Popejoy 1148 feet 42.597ºN 93.438ºW
Township of Osceola Civil Franklin Ackley 1109 feet 42.602ºN 93.081ºW
Township of Reeve Civil Franklin Hampton South 1099 feet 42.680ºN 93.202ºW
Township of Richland Civil Franklin Latimer 1214 feet 42.870ºN 93.331ºW
Township of Ross Civil Franklin Hampton North 1135 feet 42.858ºN 93.211ºW
Township of Scott Civil Franklin Alexander 1253 feet 42.767ºN 93.429ºW
Township of West Fork Civil Franklin Hansell 1046 feet 42.865ºN 93.087ºW
Township of Wisner Civil Franklin Alexander 1273 feet 42.863ºN 93.439ºW
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