Topographic Map Civil Features in Howard County, Iowa

Browse by County - Howard, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Howard County Civil Howard Lourdes 1269 feet 43.350ºN 92.317ºW
Township of Afton Civil Howard Saratoga 1253 feet 43.277ºN 92.495ºW
Township of Albion Civil Howard Cresco NW 1240 feet 43.466ºN 92.144ºW
Township of Chester Civil Howard Lime Springs NW 1279 feet 43.469ºN 92.376ºW
Township of Forest City Civil Howard Lime Springs 1210 feet 43.465ºN 92.259ºW
Township of Howard Civil Howard Lourdes 1266 feet 43.273ºN 92.367ºW
Township of Howard Center Civil Howard Lime Springs 1250 feet 43.382ºN 92.263ºW
Township of Jamestown Civil Howard Lime Springs NW 1325 feet 43.378ºN 92.500ºW
Township of New Oregon Civil Howard Cresco SW 1230 feet 43.276ºN 92.142ºW
Township of Oak Dale Civil Howard Lime Springs NW 1296 feet 43.464ºN 92.486ºW
Township of Paris Civil Howard Cresco SW 1279 feet 43.273ºN 92.249ºW
Township of Saratoga Civil Howard Lime Springs 1289 feet 43.383ºN 92.373ºW
Township of Vernon Springs Civil Howard Cresco NW 1289 feet 43.378ºN 92.141ºW
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