Topographic Map Civil Features in Louisa County, Iowa

Browse by County - Louisa, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Louisa County Civil Louisa Cairo 581 feet 41.233ºN 91.267ºW
Township of Columbus City Civil Louisa Cotter 692 feet 41.256ºN 91.396ºW
Township of Concord Civil Louisa Columbus Junction 666 feet 41.296ºN 91.299ºW
Township of Eliot Civil Louisa Oakville 538 feet 41.100ºN 91.025ºW
Township of Elm Grove Civil Louisa Winfield North 702 feet 41.194ºN 91.425ºW
Township of Grandview Civil Louisa Letts 669 feet 41.283ºN 91.206ºW
Township of Jefferson Civil Louisa Toolesboro 640 feet 41.149ºN 91.093ºW
Township of Marshall Civil Louisa Cairo 692 feet 41.167ºN 91.320ºW
Township of Morning Sun Civil Louisa Morning Sun 774 feet 41.097ºN 91.278ºW
Township of Oakland Civil Louisa Lone Tree 584 feet 41.381ºN 91.401ºW
Township of Port Louisa Civil Louisa Letts 544 feet 41.253ºN 91.127ºW
Township of Union Civil Louisa Cotter 640 feet 41.344ºN 91.450ºW
Township of Wapello Civil Louisa Wapello 581 feet 41.154ºN 91.205ºW
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