Topographic Map Civil Features in Monroe County, Iowa

Browse by County - Monroe, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Monroe County Civil Monroe Albia 781 feet 41.033ºN 92.867ºW
Township of Bluff Creek Civil Monroe Albia 902 feet 41.118ºN 92.807ºW
Township of Cedar Civil Monroe Attica 912 feet 41.126ºN 93.045ºW
Township of Franklin Civil Monroe Iconium 850 feet 40.947ºN 92.930ºW
Township of Guilford Civil Monroe Hiteman 866 feet 41.028ºN 92.936ºW
Township of Jackson Civil Monroe Melrose 1000 feet 40.946ºN 93.051ºW
Township of Mantua Civil Monroe Avery 886 feet 41.035ºN 92.702ºW
Township of Monroe Civil Monroe Moravia 922 feet 40.940ºN 92.812ºW
Township of Pleasant Civil Monroe Avery 702 feet 41.120ºN 92.697ºW
Township of Troy Civil Monroe Albia 961 feet 41.031ºN 92.812ºW
Township of Union Civil Monroe Hiteman 751 feet 41.118ºN 92.932ºW
Township of Urbana Civil Monroe Blakesburg 948 feet 40.934ºN 92.694ºW
Township of Wayne Civil Monroe Weller 948 feet 41.023ºN 93.040ºW
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