Topographic Map Civil Features in Brown County, Kansas

Browse by County - Brown, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Brown County Civil Brown Hiawatha 1148 feet 39.800ºN 95.584ºW
City of Hiawatha Civil Brown Hiawatha 1122 feet 39.853ºN 95.538ºW
City of Horton Civil Brown Horton 1056 feet 39.662ºN 95.533ºW
Township of Hamlin Civil Brown Reserve 1073 feet 39.953ºN 95.599ºW
Township of Hiawatha Civil Brown Hiawatha 1135 feet 39.843ºN 95.550ºW
Township of Irving Civil Brown Highland NW 991 feet 39.938ºN 95.409ºW
Township of Mission Civil Brown Hiawatha 1115 feet 39.713ºN 95.552ºW
Township of Morrill Civil Brown Morrill 1086 feet 39.949ºN 95.717ºW
Township of Padonia Civil Brown Reserve 1027 feet 39.951ºN 95.529ºW
Township of Powhattan Civil Brown Horton NW 1096 feet 39.713ºN 95.686ºW
Township of Robinson Civil Brown Robinson 1010 feet 39.821ºN 95.409ºW
Township of Walnut Civil Brown Fairview 1109 feet 39.844ºN 95.688ºW
Township of Washington Civil Brown Everest 1069 feet 39.713ºN 95.407ºW
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