Topographic Map Civil Features in Franklin County, Kansas

Browse by County - Franklin, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Ottawa Civil Franklin Ottawa South 909 feet 38.609ºN 95.267ºW
Franklin County Civil Franklin Ottawa South 922 feet 38.583ºN 95.284ºW
Township of Appanoose Civil Franklin Ottawa NW 1066 feet 38.695ºN 95.463ºW
Township of Centropolis Civil Franklin Ottawa North 1004 feet 38.682ºN 95.371ºW
Township of Cutler Civil Franklin Rantoul 1059 feet 38.521ºN 95.120ºW
Township of Franklin Civil Franklin Wellsville 1000 feet 38.692ºN 95.100ºW
Township of Greenwood Civil Franklin Pomona 1092 feet 38.565ºN 95.452ºW
Township of Harrison Civil Franklin Peoria 984 feet 38.569ºN 95.221ºW
Township of Hayes Civil Franklin Le Loup 932 feet 38.703ºN 95.214ºW
Township of Homewood Civil Franklin Pomona 1040 feet 38.507ºN 95.388ºW
Township of Lincoln Civil Franklin Ottawa South 938 feet 38.572ºN 95.313ºW
Township of Ohio Civil Franklin Richmond 938 feet 38.478ºN 95.295ºW
Township of Ottawa Civil Franklin Ottawa North 902 feet 38.642ºN 95.284ºW
Township of Peoria Civil Franklin Peoria 987 feet 38.617ºN 95.134ºW
Township of Pomona Civil Franklin Pomona 1014 feet 38.622ºN 95.461ºW
Township of Pottawatomie Civil Franklin Lane 889 feet 38.433ºN 95.121ºW
Township of Richmond Civil Franklin Richmond 1014 feet 38.413ºN 95.267ºW
Township of Williamsburg Civil Franklin Williamsburg 1128 feet 38.449ºN 95.434ºW
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