Topographic Map Civil Features in Jackson County, Kansas

Browse by County - Jackson, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Holton Civil Jackson Holton 1040 feet 39.471ºN 95.731ºW
Jackson County Civil Jackson Soldier Creek NE 1227 feet 39.400ºN 95.834ºW
Township of Adrian Civil Jackson Soldier Creek SW 1138 feet 39.350ºN 95.988ºW
Township of Banner Civil Jackson Soldier Creek NE 1296 feet 39.433ºN 95.849ºW
Township of Cedar Civil Jackson Mayetta 1102 feet 39.356ºN 95.664ºW
Township of Douglas Civil Jackson Mayetta 1053 feet 39.267ºN 95.691ºW
Township of Franklin Civil Jackson Holton 1125 feet 39.433ºN 95.739ºW
Township of Garfield Civil Jackson Holton 1112 feet 39.433ºN 95.627ºW
Township of Grant Civil Jackson Soldier Creek NW 1184 feet 39.442ºN 95.959ºW
Township of Jefferson Civil Jackson Circleville 1233 feet 39.526ºN 95.841ºW
Township of Liberty Civil Jackson Netawaka 1122 feet 39.526ºN 95.721ºW
Township of Lincoln Civil Jackson Soldier Creek SE 1089 feet 39.340ºN 95.859ºW
Township of Netawaka Civil Jackson Netawaka 1132 feet 39.607ºN 95.717ºW
Township of Soldier Civil Jackson Soldier 1230 feet 39.526ºN 95.959ºW
Township of Straight Creek Civil Jackson Netawaka 1027 feet 39.526ºN 95.647ºW
Township of Washington Civil Jackson Rossville 1017 feet 39.229ºN 95.934ºW
Township of Whiting Civil Jackson Whiting 1020 feet 39.603ºN 95.597ºW
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