Topographic Map Civil Features in Stevens County, Kansas

Browse by County - Stevens, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Stevens County Civil Stevens Hugoton 3083 feet 37.200ºN 101.300ºW
Township of Banner Civil Stevens Woods SW 3024 feet 37.054ºN 101.188ºW
Township of Center Civil Stevens Woods NW 3027 feet 37.171ºN 101.213ºW
Township of Harmony Civil Stevens Wagon Bed Spring SW 3139 feet 37.325ºN 101.446ºW
Township of Moscow Civil Stevens Moscow 3067 feet 37.300ºN 101.200ºW
Township of Voorhees Civil Stevens Hugoton SW 3178 feet 37.054ºN 101.405ºW
Township of West Center Civil Stevens Feterita 3155 feet 37.188ºN 101.438ºW
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