Topographic Map Civil Features in Clare County, Michigan

Browse by County - Clare, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Clare Civil Clare Clare 830 feet 43.828ºN 84.766ºW
City of Harrison Civil Clare Harrison 1184 feet 44.018ºN 84.807ºW
Clare County Civil Clare Hatton 1282 feet 43.983ºN 84.850ºW
Township of Arthur Civil Clare Browns Corners 882 feet 43.952ºN 84.666ºW
Township of Franklin Civil Clare Meredith SW 1138 feet 44.114ºN 84.670ºW
Township of Freeman Civil Clare Lake NE 1056 feet 43.942ºN 85.024ºW
Township of Frost Civil Clare Harrison 1141 feet 44.118ºN 84.797ºW
Township of Garfield Civil Clare Lake 1063 feet 43.860ºN 85.026ºW
Township of Grant Civil Clare Clare 925 feet 43.865ºN 84.798ºW
Township of Greenwood Civil Clare Prestle Creek 1164 feet 44.031ºN 84.909ºW
Township of Hamilton Civil Clare Meredith SW 905 feet 44.033ºN 84.661ºW
Township of Hatton Civil Clare Hatton 1105 feet 43.934ºN 84.790ºW
Township of Hayes Civil Clare Harrison 1151 feet 44.030ºN 84.787ºW
Township of Lincoln Civil Clare Lake George 1099 feet 43.941ºN 84.910ºW
Township of Redding Civil Clare Temple 1053 feet 44.031ºN 85.027ºW
Township of Sheridan Civil Clare Loomis 790 feet 43.862ºN 84.664ºW
Township of Summerfield Civil Clare Prestle Creek 1096 feet 44.120ºN 84.909ºW
Township of Surrey Civil Clare Woods 964 feet 43.857ºN 84.911ºW
Township of Winterfield Civil Clare Temple 1076 feet 44.114ºN 85.031ºW
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