Topographic Map Civil Features in Iron County, Michigan

Browse by County - Iron, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Caspian Civil Iron Iron River 1469 feet 46.065ºN 88.626ºW
City of Crystal Falls Civil Iron Crystal Falls 1378 feet 46.097ºN 88.328ºW
City of Gaastra Civil Iron Gaastra 1633 feet 46.059ºN 88.605ºW
City of Iron River Civil Iron Iron River 1496 feet 46.099ºN 88.638ºW
City of Stambaugh Civil Iron Iron River 1620 feet 46.079ºN 88.633ºW
Iron County Civil Iron Sunset Lake 1506 feet 46.217ºN 88.567ºW
Township of Bates Civil Iron Sunset Lake 1512 feet 46.244ºN 88.615ºW
Township of Crystal Falls Civil Iron Kelso Junction 1473 feet 46.238ºN 88.323ºW
Township of Hematite Civil Iron Triangle Ranch 1499 feet 46.317ºN 88.493ºW
Township of Iron River Civil Iron Beechwood 1568 feet 46.242ºN 88.788ºW
Township of Mansfield Civil Iron Kiernan 1381 feet 46.196ºN 88.189ºW
Township of Mastodon Civil Iron Crystal Falls 1364 feet 46.019ºN 88.282ºW
Township of Stambaugh Civil Iron Hagerman Lake 1666 feet 46.085ºN 88.836ºW
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