Topographic Map Civil Features in Macomb County, Michigan

Browse by County - Macomb, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Charter Township of Shelby Civil Macomb Utica 679 feet 42.671ºN 83.033ºW
City of Center Line Civil Macomb Highland Park 623 feet 42.481ºN 83.025ºW
City of East Detroit Civil Macomb Grosse Pointe 604 feet 42.466ºN 82.946ºW
City of Fraser Civil Macomb Mount Clemens West 610 feet 42.540ºN 82.949ºW
City of Memphis Civil Macomb Memphis 761 feet 42.893ºN 82.772ºW
City of Mount Clemens Civil Macomb Mount Clemens West 610 feet 42.598ºN 82.882ºW
City of New Baltimore Civil Macomb New Baltimore 581 feet 42.683ºN 82.738ºW
City of Richmond Civil Macomb Richmond 731 feet 42.809ºN 82.755ºW
City of Roseville Civil Macomb Mount Clemens West 617 feet 42.508ºN 82.937ºW
City of Saint Clair Shores Civil Macomb Grosse Pointe 581 feet 42.493ºN 82.891ºW
City of Sterling Heights Civil Macomb Warren 613 feet 42.580ºN 83.030ºW
City of Utica Civil Macomb Utica 633 feet 42.628ºN 83.021ºW
City of Warren Civil Macomb Highland Park 620 feet 42.493ºN 83.028ºW
Macomb County Civil Macomb Waldenburg 613 feet 42.700ºN 82.950ºW
Township of Armada Civil Macomb Armada 774 feet 42.857ºN 82.924ºW
Township of Bruce Civil Macomb Romeo 823 feet 42.851ºN 83.030ºW
Township of Chesterfield Civil Macomb New Haven 590 feet 42.680ºN 82.806ºW
Township of Clinton Civil Macomb Mount Clemens West 600 feet 42.587ºN 82.920ºW
Township of Harrison Civil Macomb Mount Clemens East 577 feet 42.586ºN 82.820ºW
Township of Lake Civil Macomb Grosse Pointe OE E 574 feet 42.459ºN 82.868ºW
Township of Lenox Civil Macomb Richmond 656 feet 42.762ºN 82.799ºW
Township of Macomb Civil Macomb Waldenburg 604 feet 42.668ºN 82.910ºW
Township of Ray Civil Macomb Armada 649 feet 42.762ºN 82.920ºW
Township of Richmond Civil Macomb Richmond 761 feet 42.853ºN 82.797ºW
Township of Washington Civil Macomb Romeo 781 feet 42.755ºN 83.029ºW
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