Topographic Map Civil Features in Wexford County, Michigan

Browse by County - Wexford, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Cadillac Civil Wexford Cadillac South 1296 feet 44.248ºN 85.416ºW
City of Manton Civil Wexford Manton 1115 feet 44.411ºN 85.400ºW
State of Michigan Civil Wexford Boon 1292 feet 44.250ºN 85.500ºW
Township of Antioch Civil Wexford Mesick 1118 feet 44.382ºN 85.636ºW
Township of Boon Civil Wexford Harrietta 1217 feet 44.296ºN 85.641ºW
Township of Cedar Creek Civil Wexford Manton 1282 feet 44.378ºN 85.403ºW
Township of Cherry Grove Civil Wexford Axin 1282 feet 44.206ºN 85.520ºW
Township of Clam Lake Civil Wexford Cadillac South 1443 feet 44.210ºN 85.393ºW
Township of Colfax Civil Wexford Mesick NE 1253 feet 44.376ºN 85.520ºW
Township of Greenwood Civil Wexford Mesick NE 964 feet 44.468ºN 85.527ºW
Township of Hanover Civil Wexford Mesick 1046 feet 44.467ºN 85.643ºW
Township of Haring Civil Wexford Cadillac North 1378 feet 44.307ºN 85.397ºW
Township of Henderson Civil Wexford Hoxeyville 1358 feet 44.209ºN 85.631ºW
Township of Liberty Civil Wexford Manton 1027 feet 44.469ºN 85.397ºW
Township of Selma Civil Wexford Boon 1374 feet 44.295ºN 85.520ºW
Township of Slagle Civil Wexford Yuma 1010 feet 44.295ºN 85.760ºW
Township of South Branch Civil Wexford Wellston NE 1181 feet 44.212ºN 85.759ºW
Township of Springville Civil Wexford Harlan 836 feet 44.384ºN 85.761ºW
Township of Wexford Civil Wexford Harlan 1086 feet 44.469ºN 85.762ºW
Wexford County Civil Wexford Boon 1397 feet 44.333ºN 85.567ºW
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