Topographic Map Civil Features in Cook County, Minnesota

Browse by County - Cook, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Cook County Civil Cook Eagle Mountain 1922 feet 47.917ºN 90.550ºW
Township of Lutsen Civil Cook Tait Lake 1624 feet 47.770ºN 90.700ºW
Township of Schroeder Civil Cook Toohey Lake 1663 feet 47.695ºN 90.963ºW
Township of Tofte Civil Cook Sawbill Camp 1758 feet 47.765ºN 90.841ºW
Unorganized Territory of East Cook Civil Cook Northern Light Lake 1817 feet 47.972ºN 90.171ºW
Unorganized Territory of Grand Portage Civil Cook Grand Portage 938 feet 47.944ºN 89.719ºW
Unorganized Territory of West Cook Civil Cook Brule Lake 1925 feet 47.969ºN 90.646ºW
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