Topographic Map Civil Features in Fillmore County, Minnesota

Browse by County - Fillmore, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Fillmore County Civil Fillmore Preston 948 feet 43.667ºN 92.100ºW
Township of Amherst Civil Fillmore Lanesboro 1181 feet 43.632ºN 91.905ºW
Township of Arendahl Civil Fillmore Arendahl 918 feet 43.804ºN 91.908ºW
Township of Beaver Civil Fillmore Ostrander 1296 feet 43.543ºN 92.385ºW
Township of Bloomfield Civil Fillmore Spring Valley 1292 feet 43.628ºN 92.389ºW
Township of Bristol Civil Fillmore Greenleafton 1342 feet 43.544ºN 92.147ºW
Township of Canton Civil Fillmore Canton 1286 feet 43.544ºN 91.909ºW
Township of Carimona Civil Fillmore Fountain 1260 feet 43.631ºN 92.157ºW
Township of Carrolton Civil Fillmore Preston 1086 feet 43.724ºN 92.025ºW
Township of Chatfield Civil Fillmore Chatfield 991 feet 43.808ºN 92.154ºW
Township of Fillmore Civil Fillmore Wykoff 1263 feet 43.723ºN 92.269ºW
Township of Forestville Civil Fillmore Wykoff 1250 feet 43.635ºN 92.279ºW
Township of Fountain Civil Fillmore Fountain 1263 feet 43.724ºN 92.152ºW
Township of Harmony Civil Fillmore Harmony 1345 feet 43.551ºN 92.028ºW
Township of Holt Civil Fillmore Lanesboro 853 feet 43.720ºN 91.907ºW
Township of Jordan Civil Fillmore Washington 1263 feet 43.802ºN 92.262ºW
Township of Newburg Civil Fillmore Mabel 1171 feet 43.543ºN 91.792ºW
Township of Norway Civil Fillmore Bratsberg 1260 feet 43.721ºN 91.792ºW
Township of Pilot Mound Civil Fillmore Pilot Mound 1066 feet 43.809ºN 92.027ºW
Township of Preble Civil Fillmore Bratsberg 1132 feet 43.634ºN 91.792ºW
Township of Preston Civil Fillmore Harmony 1207 feet 43.623ºN 92.039ºW
Township of Spring Valley Civil Fillmore Spring Valley 1299 feet 43.721ºN 92.384ºW
Township of Sumner Civil Fillmore Stewartville 1273 feet 43.799ºN 92.397ºW
Township of York Civil Fillmore Cherry Grove 1319 feet 43.545ºN 92.265ºW
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