Topographic Map Locale Features in Hubbard County, Minnesota

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Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Akeley Campground Locale Hubbard Akeley 1437 feet 47.006ºN 94.733ºW
Akeley Railroad Station (historical) Locale Hubbard Akeley 1433 feet 47.004ºN 94.731ºW
Badoura Railroad Station (historical) Locale Hubbard First Crow Wing Lake 1414 feet 46.862ºN 94.766ºW
Badoura State Nursery Locale Hubbard Oshawa 1414 feet 46.855ºN 94.723ºW
Bear's Den Golf Course Locale Hubbard Dorset 1427 feet 46.918ºN 94.985ºW
Benedict Railroad Station (historical) Locale Hubbard Benedict 1319 feet 47.158ºN 94.690ºW
Big Pines Tent and RV Park Locale Hubbard Park Rapids 1437 feet 46.916ºN 95.049ºW
Breeze Campgrounds Locale Hubbard Skunk Lake 1460 feet 47.034ºN 95.106ºW
Breezy Pines Resort and Campground Locale Hubbard East Crooked Lake 1483 feet 47.027ºN 94.829ºW
Camp Thunderbird Locale Hubbard Frontenac Lake 1384 feet 47.371ºN 94.932ºW
Dorset Railroad Station (historical) Locale Hubbard Dorset 1469 feet 46.956ºN 94.952ºW
Eagles View Golf Course Locale Hubbard Skunk Lake 1456 feet 47.017ºN 95.106ºW
Evergreen Lodge Golf Course Locale Hubbard Dorset 1433 feet 46.993ºN 94.993ºW
Fair Havens Golf Course Locale Hubbard Menahga 1414 feet 46.849ºN 95.051ºW
Farris Locale Hubbard Andrusia Lake 1364 feet 47.377ºN 94.703ºW
Guthrie Railroad Station (historical) Locale Hubbard Guthrie 1420 feet 47.301ºN 94.794ºW
Headwaters Country Club Locale Hubbard Park Rapids 1456 feet 46.952ºN 95.045ºW
Hubbard County Fairgrounds Locale Hubbard Park Rapids 1453 feet 46.919ºN 95.069ºW
Jemstar Lake and Woods Campground Locale Hubbard Mantrap Lake 1469 feet 47.038ºN 94.888ºW
Laporte Locale Hubbard Laporte 1322 feet 47.215ºN 94.754ºW
Minnesota State Fish Hatchery Locale Hubbard Park Rapids 1437 feet 46.917ºN 95.049ºW
Nary Locale Hubbard Guthrie 1427 feet 47.367ºN 94.823ºW
Nature Land Campground Locale Hubbard Nevis 1433 feet 46.986ºN 94.864ºW
Nevis Railroad Station (historical) Locale Hubbard Nevis 1476 feet 46.964ºN 94.841ºW
Niawa Railroad Station (historical) Locale Hubbard Lake George 1463 feet 47.175ºN 94.975ºW
Park Rapids Railroad Station (historical) Locale Hubbard Park Rapids 1433 feet 46.919ºN 95.055ºW
Sleeping Fawn Resort and Campground Locale Hubbard Mantrap Lake 1443 feet 47.058ºN 94.946ºW
Spruce Hill Campgrounds Locale Hubbard Park Rapids 1387 feet 46.915ºN 95.008ºW
Stockade Campground Locale Hubbard Dorset 1381 feet 46.929ºN 94.994ºW
Up North Mall Locale Hubbard Park Rapids 1443 feet 46.919ºN 95.059ºW
Vagabond Village Campground Locale Hubbard Skunk Lake 1469 feet 47.006ºN 95.016ºW
Vern's Trailer Court Locale Hubbard Park Rapids 1440 feet 46.916ºN 95.059ºW
Whispering Pines Resort and Campground Locale Hubbard East Crooked Lake 1446 feet 47.032ºN 94.870ºW
Wildridge Resort and Campground Locale Hubbard Nevis 1440 feet 46.937ºN 94.857ºW
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