Topographic Map Civil Features in Isanti County, Minnesota

Browse by County - Isanti, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Isanti County Civil Isanti Bradford 928 feet 45.550ºN 93.300ºW
Township of Athens Civil Isanti Isanti 925 feet 45.439ºN 93.222ºW
Township of Bradford Civil Isanti Bradford 922 feet 45.512ºN 93.331ºW
Township of Cambridge Civil Isanti Cambridge 941 feet 45.603ºN 93.206ºW
Township of Dalbo Civil Isanti Dalbo 1007 feet 45.693ºN 93.454ºW
Township of Isanti Civil Isanti Cambridge 974 feet 45.511ºN 93.189ºW
Township of Maple Ridge Civil Isanti Springvale 935 feet 45.681ºN 93.330ºW
Township of North Branch Civil Isanti Stark 932 feet 45.510ºN 93.087ºW
Township of Oxford Civil Isanti Typo Lake 909 feet 45.438ºN 93.077ºW
Township of Spencer Brook Civil Isanti Wyanett 945 feet 45.515ºN 93.450ºW
Township of Springvale Civil Isanti Bradford 958 feet 45.593ºN 93.333ºW
Township of Stanchfield Civil Isanti Braham 938 feet 45.686ºN 93.195ºW
Township of Stanford Civil Isanti Crown 915 feet 45.442ºN 93.406ºW
Township of Wyanett Civil Isanti Wyanett 981 feet 45.605ºN 93.456ºW
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