Topographic Map Civil Features in Morrison County, Minnesota

Browse by County - Morrison, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Morrison County Civil Morrison Belle Prairie 1135 feet 46.017ºN 94.300ºW
Township of Agram Civil Morrison Pierz Lake 1128 feet 45.941ºN 94.173ºW
Township of Belle Prairie Civil Morrison Belle Prairie 1161 feet 46.023ºN 94.266ºW
Township of Bellevue Civil Morrison Royalton 1112 feet 45.862ºN 94.286ºW
Township of Buckman Civil Morrison Little Rock 1181 feet 45.869ºN 94.107ºW
Township of Buh Civil Morrison Lastrup 1181 feet 46.031ºN 94.125ºW
Township of Culdrum Civil Morrison Flensburg 1227 feet 45.982ºN 94.588ºW
Township of Cushing Civil Morrison Cushing 1282 feet 46.149ºN 94.508ºW
Township of Darling Civil Morrison Randall East 1148 feet 46.056ºN 94.442ºW
Township of Elmdale Civil Morrison Upsala 1210 feet 45.810ºN 94.546ºW
Township of Granite Civil Morrison Hillman 1200 feet 46.027ºN 94.000ºW
Township of Green Prairie Civil Morrison Belle Prairie 1135 feet 46.056ºN 94.371ºW
Township of Hillman Civil Morrison Ramey NW 1319 feet 45.940ºN 93.943ºW
Township of Lakin Civil Morrison Rum River 1240 feet 45.865ºN 93.825ºW
Township of Leigh Civil Morrison Hillman SE 1309 feet 46.023ºN 93.872ºW
Township of Little Falls Civil Morrison Little Falls East 1220 feet 45.947ºN 94.295ºW
Township of Morrill Civil Morrison Ramey 1309 feet 45.862ºN 93.953ºW
Township of Motley Civil Morrison Motley SE 1227 feet 46.306ºN 94.591ºW
Township of Mount Morris Civil Morrison Ramey NE 1289 feet 45.938ºN 93.827ºW
Township of Parker Civil Morrison Randall West 1243 feet 46.067ºN 94.583ºW
Township of Pierz Civil Morrison Pierz 1240 feet 45.954ºN 94.072ºW
Township of Pike Creek Civil Morrison Little Falls West 1135 feet 45.979ºN 94.446ºW
Township of Platte Civil Morrison Freedhem 1263 feet 46.114ºN 94.134ºW
Township of Pulaski Civil Morrison Shephard 1266 feet 46.128ºN 94.004ºW
Township of Rail Prairie Civil Morrison Belle Prairie NW 1315 feet 46.245ºN 94.441ºW
Township of Richardson Civil Morrison Hillman 1279 feet 46.117ºN 93.882ºW
Township of Ripley Civil Morrison Fort Ripley 1220 feet 46.127ºN 94.272ºW
Township of Rosing Civil Morrison Pillager 1302 feet 46.298ºN 94.443ºW
Township of Scandia Valley Civil Morrison Cushing 1299 feet 46.242ºN 94.581ºW
Township of Swan River Civil Morrison Little Falls West 1181 feet 45.887ºN 94.441ºW
Township of Swanville Civil Morrison Flensburg 1220 feet 45.895ºN 94.576ºW
Township of Two Rivers Civil Morrison Bowlus 1115 feet 45.802ºN 94.390ºW
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