Topographic Map Civil Features in Norman County, Minnesota

Browse by County - Norman, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Norman County Civil Norman Twin Valley SW 912 feet 47.333ºN 96.467ºW
Township of Anthony Civil Norman Anthony 886 feet 47.368ºN 96.634ºW
Township of Bear Park Civil Norman Ranum 1204 feet 47.456ºN 96.133ºW
Township of Flom Civil Norman Flom 1207 feet 47.199ºN 96.135ºW
Township of Fossum Civil Norman Waukon 1128 feet 47.281ºN 96.138ºW
Township of Good Hope Civil Norman Ada NW 882 feet 47.448ºN 96.645ºW
Township of Green Meadow Civil Norman Twin Valley SW 954 feet 47.359ºN 96.393ºW
Township of Halstad Civil Norman Halstad 876 feet 47.372ºN 96.783ºW
Township of Hegne Civil Norman Ada 886 feet 47.279ºN 96.622ºW
Township of Hendrum Civil Norman Halstad 872 feet 47.288ºN 96.762ºW
Township of Home Lake Civil Norman Syre 1105 feet 47.195ºN 96.259ºW
Township of Lake Ida Civil Norman Twin Valley SW 945 feet 47.285ºN 96.383ºW
Township of Lee Civil Norman Perley 872 feet 47.201ºN 96.756ºW
Township of Lockhart Civil Norman Lockhart 905 feet 47.463ºN 96.526ºW
Township of Mary Civil Norman Felton NW 886 feet 47.194ºN 96.629ºW
Township of McDonaldsville Civil Norman Twin Valley SW 902 feet 47.287ºN 96.498ºW
Township of Pleasant View Civil Norman Ada 902 feet 47.365ºN 96.525ºW
Township of Rockwell Civil Norman Ulen NW 954 feet 47.191ºN 96.396ºW
Township of Shelly Civil Norman Shelly 872 feet 47.458ºN 96.787ºW
Township of Spring Creek Civil Norman Twin Valley NW 991 feet 47.463ºN 96.387ºW
Township of Strand Civil Norman Flaming 1105 feet 47.376ºN 96.254ºW
Township of Sundal Civil Norman Flaming 1135 feet 47.449ºN 96.266ºW
Township of Waukon Civil Norman Waukon 1171 feet 47.369ºN 96.135ºW
Township of Wild Rice Civil Norman Twin Valley 1069 feet 47.276ºN 96.256ºW
Township of Winchester Civil Norman Borup 905 feet 47.198ºN 96.504ºW
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