Topographic Map Civil Features in Callaway County, Missouri

Browse by County - Callaway, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Callaway County Civil Callaway Fulton 768 feet 38.867ºN 91.900ºW
Township of Auxvasse Civil Callaway Reform 810 feet 38.760ºN 91.753ºW
Township of Bourbon Civil Callaway Millersburg NE 859 feet 38.909ºN 92.098ºW
Township of Caldwell Civil Callaway New Bloomfield 777 feet 38.719ºN 92.004ºW
Township of Calwood Civil Callaway Calwood 800 feet 38.891ºN 91.842ºW
Township of Cedar Civil Callaway New Bloomfield 810 feet 38.703ºN 92.107ºW
Township of Cleveland Civil Callaway Hatton 915 feet 39.001ºN 92.096ºW
Township of Cote Sans Dessein Civil Callaway New Bloomfield 551 feet 38.638ºN 92.002ºW
Township of East Fulton Civil Callaway Fulton 790 feet 38.853ºN 91.930ºW
Township of Guthrie Civil Callaway Guthrie 761 feet 38.768ºN 92.122ºW
Township of Jackson Civil Callaway Auxvasse 859 feet 39.017ºN 91.877ºW
Township of Liberty Civil Callaway Auxvasse 863 feet 39.024ºN 91.980ºW
Township of McCredie Civil Callaway Kingdom City 863 feet 38.950ºN 91.957ºW
Township of Nine Mile Prairie Civil Callaway Williamsburg 830 feet 38.906ºN 91.712ºW
Township of Round Prairie Civil Callaway Guthrie 859 feet 38.822ºN 92.079ºW
Township of Saint Aubert Civil Callaway Mokane West 725 feet 38.725ºN 91.897ºW
Township of Shamrock Civil Callaway Martinsburg 754 feet 39.003ºN 91.697ºW
Township of Summit Civil Callaway New Bloomfield 738 feet 38.644ºN 92.107ºW
Township of West Fulton Civil Callaway Fulton 827 feet 38.852ºN 91.967ºW
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