Topographic Map Civil Features in Dunklin County, Missouri

Browse by County - Dunklin, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Dunklin County Civil Dunklin Kennett North 259 feet 36.283ºN 90.033ºW
Township of Buffalo Civil Dunklin Cardwell 246 feet 36.055ºN 90.298ºW
Township of Clay Civil Dunklin Hornersville 243 feet 36.056ºN 90.065ºW
Township of Cotton Hill Civil Dunklin Malden 289 feet 36.564ºN 89.978ºW
Township of Freeborn Civil Dunklin Gideon 282 feet 36.435ºN 89.971ºW
Township of Holcomb Civil Dunklin Campbell 279 feet 36.398ºN 90.041ºW
Township of Independence Civil Dunklin Kennett South 269 feet 36.240ºN 90.045ºW
Township of Salem Civil Dunklin Arbyrd 256 feet 36.113ºN 90.190ºW
Township of Union Civil Dunklin Valley Ridge 354 feet 36.509ºN 90.089ºW
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