Topographic Map Civil Features in Pettis County, Missouri

Browse by County - Pettis, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Pettis County Civil Pettis Sedalia West 761 feet 38.733ºN 93.300ºW
Township of Blackwater Civil Pettis La Monte 771 feet 38.871ºN 93.441ºW
Township of Bowling Green Civil Pettis Clifton City 827 feet 38.756ºN 93.115ºW
Township of Cedar Civil Pettis Beaman 741 feet 38.763ºN 93.225ºW
Township of Dresden Civil Pettis Hughesville 810 feet 38.753ºN 93.334ºW
Township of Elk Fork Civil Pettis Green Ridge North 846 feet 38.678ºN 93.456ºW
Township of Flat Creek Civil Pettis Bahner 932 feet 38.604ºN 93.215ºW
Township of Green Ridge Civil Pettis Green Ridge South 902 feet 38.603ºN 93.420ºW
Township of Heaths Creek Civil Pettis Clifton City 827 feet 38.869ºN 93.107ºW
Township of Houstonia Civil Pettis Houstonia 761 feet 38.898ºN 93.349ºW
Township of Hughesville Civil Pettis Hughesville 817 feet 38.837ºN 93.281ºW
Township of La Monte Civil Pettis La Monte 863 feet 38.773ºN 93.434ºW
Township of Lake Creek Civil Pettis Pyrmont 820 feet 38.570ºN 93.120ºW
Township of Longwood Civil Pettis Longwood 781 feet 38.883ºN 93.213ºW
Township of Mount Sterling (historical) Civil Pettis Unknown -32800 feet 0.000ºN 0.000ºW
Township of Prairie Civil Pettis Sedalia West 866 feet 38.681ºN 93.323ºW
Township of Sedalia Civil Pettis Sedalia East 892 feet 38.700ºN 93.231ºW
Township of Smithton Civil Pettis Otterville West 820 feet 38.669ºN 93.110ºW
Township of Washington Civil Pettis Ionia 892 feet 38.568ºN 93.327ºW
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