Topographic Map Civil Features in Randolph County, Missouri

Browse by County - Randolph, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Randolph County Civil Randolph Huntsville 830 feet 39.433ºN 92.500ºW
Township of Cairo Civil Randolph Jacksonville 850 feet 39.511ºN 92.422ºW
Township of Chariton Civil Randolph College Mound 817 feet 39.553ºN 92.593ºW
Township of Clifton Civil Randolph Clifton Hill 712 feet 39.451ºN 92.663ºW
Township of Jackson Civil Randolph Jacksonville 863 feet 39.577ºN 92.464ºW
Township of Moniteau Civil Randolph Higbee 879 feet 39.309ºN 92.515ºW
Township of North Sugar Creek Civil Randolph Moberly 850 feet 39.458ºN 92.459ºW
Township of Prairie Civil Randolph Renick 869 feet 39.318ºN 92.384ºW
Township of Salt River Civil Randolph Duncans Bridge 823 feet 39.563ºN 92.356ºW
Township of Salt Springs Civil Randolph Huntsville 764 feet 39.450ºN 92.546ºW
Township of Silver Creek Civil Randolph Armstrong 768 feet 39.360ºN 92.644ºW
Township of South Sugar Creek Civil Randolph Moberly 869 feet 39.408ºN 92.434ºW
Township of Union Civil Randolph Moberly 810 feet 39.436ºN 92.380ºW
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