Topographic Map Civil Features in Ripley County, Missouri

Browse by County - Ripley, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Ripley County Civil Ripley Doniphan North 341 feet 36.650ºN 90.850ºW
Township of Current River Civil Ripley Doniphan South 335 feet 36.524ºN 90.837ºW
Township of Doniphan Civil Ripley Doniphan South 367 feet 36.613ºN 90.821ºW
Township of Flatwoods Civil Ripley Flatwoods 449 feet 36.658ºN 90.695ºW
Township of Gatewood Civil Ripley Gatewood 535 feet 36.561ºN 91.075ºW
Township of Harris Civil Ripley Doniphan South 377 feet 36.535ºN 90.753ºW
Township of Johnson Civil Ripley Hogan Hollow 597 feet 36.752ºN 90.685ºW
Township of Jordan Civil Ripley Doniphan North 626 feet 36.748ºN 90.854ºW
Township of Kelley Civil Ripley Briar 456 feet 36.750ºN 90.965ºW
Township of Pine Civil Ripley Handy 731 feet 36.754ºN 91.059ºW
Township of Poynor Civil Ripley Poynor 469 feet 36.531ºN 90.908ºW
Township of Sherley Civil Ripley Briar 800 feet 36.640ºN 90.979ºW
Township of Thomas Civil Ripley Naylor 298 feet 36.565ºN 90.612ºW
Township of Union Civil Ripley Poynor 548 feet 36.554ºN 90.973ºW
Township of Varner Civil Ripley Oxly 302 feet 36.579ºN 90.680ºW
Township of Washington Civil Ripley Flatwoods 436 feet 36.638ºN 90.627ºW
Township of West Doniphan Civil Ripley Poynor 440 feet 36.593ºN 90.880ºW
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