Topographic Map Civil Features in Fillmore County, Nebraska

Browse by County - Fillmore, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Fillmore County Civil Fillmore Geneva 1630 feet 40.533ºN 97.600ºW
Township of Belle Prairie Civil Fillmore Strang 1578 feet 40.394ºN 97.538ºW
Township of Bennett Civil Fillmore Sutton 1692 feet 40.564ºN 97.776ºW
Township of Bryant Civil Fillmore Ong 1660 feet 40.394ºN 97.766ºW
Township of Chelsea Civil Fillmore Strang 1610 feet 40.481ºN 97.538ºW
Township of Exeter (historical) Civil Fillmore Exeter 1607 feet 40.655ºN 97.426ºW
Township of Exeter-Fairmont Consolidated Civil Fillmore Exeter 1607 feet 40.655ºN 97.426ºW
Township of Fairmont (historical) Civil Fillmore Fairmont 1610 feet 40.662ºN 97.545ºW
Township of Franklin Civil Fillmore Ohiowa 1551 feet 40.395ºN 97.426ºW
Township of Geneva Civil Fillmore Geneva SW 1640 feet 40.567ºN 97.654ºW
Township of Glengary Civil Fillmore Ohiowa 1565 feet 40.482ºN 97.425ºW
Township of Grafton Civil Fillmore Bixby 1686 feet 40.660ºN 97.776ºW
Township of Hamilton Civil Fillmore Shickley 1617 feet 40.395ºN 97.659ºW
Township of Liberty Civil Fillmore Friend SW 1568 feet 40.569ºN 97.425ºW
Township of Madison Civil Fillmore Geneva 1588 feet 40.568ºN 97.540ºW
Township of Momence Civil Fillmore Ong 1670 feet 40.480ºN 97.766ºW
Township of Stanton Civil Fillmore Shickley 1643 feet 40.480ºN 97.650ºW
Township of West Blue Civil Fillmore Grafton 1640 feet 40.657ºN 97.652ºW
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