Topographic Map Civil Features in Somerset County, New Jersey

Browse by County - Somerset, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Borough of Bernardsville Civil Somerset Bernardsville 768 feet 40.731ºN 74.592ºW
Borough of Bound Brook Civil Somerset Bound Brook 43 feet 40.568ºN 74.537ºW
Borough of Far Hills Civil Somerset Bernardsville 239 feet 40.690ºN 74.622ºW
Borough of Manville Civil Somerset Bound Brook 56 feet 40.542ºN 74.589ºW
Borough of Millstone Civil Somerset Monmouth Junction 62 feet 40.500ºN 74.591ºW
Borough of North Plainfield Civil Somerset Plainfield 72 feet 40.621ºN 74.440ºW
Borough of Peapack and Gladstone Civil Somerset Gladstone 253 feet 40.716ºN 74.657ºW
Borough of Raritan Civil Somerset Raritan 95 feet 40.572ºN 74.641ºW
Borough of Rocky Hill Civil Somerset Rocky Hill 98 feet 40.400ºN 74.639ºW
Borough of Somerville Civil Somerset Bound Brook 66 feet 40.570ºN 74.610ºW
Borough of South Bound Brook Civil Somerset Bound Brook 46 feet 40.554ºN 74.528ºW
Borough of Watchung Civil Somerset Chatham 272 feet 40.644ºN 74.437ºW
Somerset County Civil Somerset Bound Brook 52 feet 40.567ºN 74.550ºW
Township of Bedminster Civil Somerset Gladstone 213 feet 40.683ºN 74.683ºW
Township of Bernards Civil Somerset Bernardsville 308 feet 40.683ºN 74.575ºW
Township of Branchburg Civil Somerset Raritan 200 feet 40.567ºN 74.708ºW
Township of Bridgewater Civil Somerset Raritan 177 feet 40.600ºN 74.650ºW
Township of Franklin Civil Somerset Monmouth Junction 79 feet 40.458ºN 74.541ºW
Township of Green Brook Civil Somerset Plainfield 246 feet 40.608ºN 74.475ºW
Township of Hillsborough Civil Somerset Raritan 105 feet 40.533ºN 74.666ºW
Township of Montgomery Civil Somerset Rocky Hill 121 feet 40.442ºN 74.683ºW
Township of Warren Civil Somerset Bound Brook 289 feet 40.608ºN 74.516ºW
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