Topographic Map Airport Features in Union County, New Jersey

Browse by County - Union, Feature Type - Airport

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
American Cyanamid Linden Heliport Airport Union Arthur Kill Unknown 40.600ºN 74.199ºW
AT and T Heliport Airport Union Chatham 328 feet 40.669ºN 74.410ºW
Bayway Refinery Heliport Airport Union Elizabeth 16 feet 40.636ºN 74.234ºW
Ciba-Geigy Airport Union Chatham 226 feet 40.726ºN 74.380ºW
Liberty Hall Heliport Airport Union Elizabeth 59 feet 40.675ºN 74.245ºW
Linden Airport Airport Union Arthur Kill 23 feet 40.618ºN 74.244ºW
Merck and Company Heliport Airport Union Perth Amboy 20 feet 40.613ºN 74.268ºW
Penske Heliport Airport Union Plainfield 79 feet 40.557ºN 74.467ºW
Ravens Nest Heliport Airport Union Roselle 105 feet 40.690ºN 74.307ºW
Tussels Airport Union Perth Amboy 56 feet 40.614ºN 74.343ºW
Union County Airport Union Roselle 98 feet 40.700ºN 74.300ºW
Westfield Airport (historical) Airport Union Perth Amboy 79 feet 40.608ºN 74.318ºW
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