Topographic Map Civil Features in Columbia County, New York

Browse by County - Columbia, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
City of Hudson Civil Columbia Hudson North 105 feet 42.251ºN 73.786ºW
Columbia County Civil Columbia Stottville 440 feet 42.251ºN 73.650ºW
Town of Ancram Civil Columbia Copake 505 feet 42.031ºN 73.575ºW
Town of Austerlitz Civil Columbia Chatham 1174 feet 42.307ºN 73.507ºW
Town of Canaan Civil Columbia Canaan 981 feet 42.393ºN 73.456ºW
Town of Chatham Civil Columbia East Chatham 679 feet 42.418ºN 73.577ºW
Town of Claverack Civil Columbia Claverack 522 feet 42.217ºN 73.680ºW
Town of Clermont Civil Columbia Clermont 194 feet 42.086ºN 73.854ºW
Town of Copake Civil Columbia Hillsdale 567 feet 42.129ºN 73.548ºW
Town of Gallatin Civil Columbia Ancram 1063 feet 42.050ºN 73.713ºW
Town of Germantown Civil Columbia Hudson South 249 feet 42.134ºN 73.871ºW
Town of Ghent Civil Columbia Stottville 403 feet 42.310ºN 73.651ºW
Town of Greenport Civil Columbia Hudson South 95 feet 42.231ºN 73.795ºW
Town of Hillsdale Civil Columbia Hillsdale 961 feet 42.227ºN 73.537ºW
Town of Kinderhook Civil Columbia Kinderhook 239 feet 42.413ºN 73.682ºW
Town of Livingston Civil Columbia Hudson South 216 feet 42.140ºN 73.787ºW
Town of New Lebanon Civil Columbia Canaan 1305 feet 42.466ºN 73.443ºW
Town of Stockport Civil Columbia Hudson North 131 feet 42.318ºN 73.755ºW
Town of Stuyvesant Civil Columbia Ravena 144 feet 42.409ºN 73.755ºW
Town of Taghkanic Civil Columbia Claverack 564 feet 42.135ºN 73.668ºW
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