Topographic Map Civil Features in Rockland County, New York

Browse by County - Rockland, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Rockland County Civil Rockland Thiells 433 feet 41.167ºN 74.050ºW
Town of Clarkstown Civil Rockland Haverstraw 105 feet 41.133ºN 73.970ºW
Town of Haverstraw Civil Rockland Thiells 380 feet 41.201ºN 74.038ºW
Town of Orangetown Civil Rockland Nyack 95 feet 41.053ºN 73.948ºW
Town of Ramapo Civil Rockland Thiells 371 feet 41.138ºN 74.107ºW
Town of Stony Point Civil Rockland Popolopen Lake 282 feet 41.260ºN 74.013ºW
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