Topographic Map Civil Features in McDowell County, North Carolina

Browse by County - McDowell, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
McDowell County Civil McDowell Marion West 1220 feet 35.700ºN 82.050ºW
Township of Brackett Civil McDowell Glenwood 1115 feet 35.544ºN 81.961ºW
Township of Crooked Creek Civil McDowell Moffitt Hill 1509 feet 35.583ºN 82.162ºW
Township of Dysartsville Civil McDowell Dysartsville 1230 feet 35.598ºN 81.870ºW
Township of Glenwood Civil McDowell Glenwood 1358 feet 35.592ºN 81.985ºW
Township of Higgins Civil McDowell Marion East 1286 feet 35.659ºN 81.963ºW
Township of Marion Civil McDowell Marion West 1296 feet 35.697ºN 82.025ºW
Township of Montford Cove Civil McDowell Sugar Hill 1719 feet 35.606ºN 82.054ºW
Township of Nebo Civil McDowell Marion East 1319 feet 35.722ºN 81.943ºW
Township of North Cove Civil McDowell Little Switzerland 1617 feet 35.819ºN 82.043ºW
Township of Old Fort Civil McDowell Old Fort 1440 feet 35.646ºN 82.163ºW
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