Topographic Map Civil Features in Richmond County, North Carolina

Browse by County - Richmond, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Richmond County Civil Richmond Ellerbe 358 feet 35.003ºN 79.753ºW
Township of Beaverdam Civil Richmond Millstone Lake 358 feet 35.004ºN 79.627ºW
Township of Black Jack Civil Richmond Ellerbe 476 feet 35.044ºN 79.834ºW
Township of Marks Creek Civil Richmond Hamlet 318 feet 34.891ºN 79.690ºW
Township of Mineral Springs Civil Richmond Ellerbe 541 feet 35.083ºN 79.750ºW
Township of Rockingham Civil Richmond Rockingham 256 feet 34.948ºN 79.763ºW
Township of Steeles Civil Richmond Mount Gilead East 269 feet 35.134ºN 79.877ºW
Township of Wolf Pit Civil Richmond Rockingham 331 feet 34.900ºN 79.787ºW
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