Topographic Map Civil Features in Robeson County, North Carolina

Browse by County - Robeson, Feature Type - Civil

Feature Type County USGS Topo Map Elevation Lat Long
Robeson County Civil Robeson Northwest Lumberton 148 feet 34.633ºN 79.100ºW
Township of Alfordsville Civil Robeson Maxton 164 feet 34.637ºN 79.348ºW
Township of Back Swamp Civil Robeson Southwest Lumberton 134 feet 34.568ºN 79.093ºW
Township of Britts Civil Robeson Southeast Lumberton 115 feet 34.532ºN 78.986ºW
Township of Burnt Swamp Civil Robeson Northwest Lumberton 164 feet 34.698ºN 79.124ºW
Township of East Howellsville Civil Robeson Northeast Lumberton 154 feet 34.674ºN 78.885ºW
Township of Fairmont Civil Robeson Fairmont 134 feet 34.474ºN 79.119ºW
Township of Gaddys Civil Robeson Gaddysville 154 feet 34.449ºN 79.224ºW
Township of Lumber Bridge Civil Robeson Rennert 187 feet 34.862ºN 79.052ºW
Township of Lumberton Civil Robeson Southwest Lumberton 138 feet 34.625ºN 79.011ºW
Township of Marietta Civil Robeson Fair Bluff 89 feet 34.368ºN 79.123ºW
Township of Maxton Civil Robeson Maxton 190 feet 34.714ºN 79.340ºW
Township of Orrum Civil Robeson Fairmont 102 feet 34.447ºN 79.021ºW
Township of Parkton Civil Robeson Hope Mills 180 feet 34.890ºN 78.985ºW
Township of Pembroke Civil Robeson Pembroke 167 feet 34.677ºN 79.200ºW
Township of Philadelphus Civil Robeson Pembroke 184 feet 34.745ºN 79.154ºW
Township of Raft Swamp Civil Robeson Northwest Lumberton 148 feet 34.650ºN 79.101ºW
Township of Red Springs Civil Robeson Red Springs 197 feet 34.810ºN 79.178ºW
Township of Rennert Civil Robeson Rennert 180 feet 34.805ºN 79.086ºW
Township of Rowland Civil Robeson Rowland 148 feet 34.544ºN 79.300ºW
Township of Saddletree Civil Robeson Northwest Lumberton 148 feet 34.703ºN 79.021ºW
Township of Saint Pauls Civil Robeson Saint Pauls 138 feet 34.790ºN 78.968ºW
Township of Shannon Civil Robeson Red Springs 190 feet 34.844ºN 79.140ºW
Township of Smiths Civil Robeson Wakulla 190 feet 34.753ºN 79.256ºW
Township of Smyrna Civil Robeson Southwest Lumberton 121 feet 34.556ºN 79.036ºW
Township of Sterlings Civil Robeson Fairmont 98 feet 34.406ºN 79.059ºW
Township of Thompson Civil Robeson McDonald 125 feet 34.524ºN 79.172ºW
Township of Union Civil Robeson McDonald 154 feet 34.609ºN 79.238ºW
Township of West Howellsville Civil Robeson Northeast Lumberton 141 feet 34.722ºN 78.940ºW
Township of Wishart Civil Robeson Southeast Lumberton 112 feet 34.590ºN 78.904ºW
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